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Swensa is at the forefront of the digital revolution providing products and solutions to simplify complex business processes for our customers

Our Expertise

IoT Solutions

Swensa will help accelerate easy and rapid time-to-market of your IoT services that will scale across the globe. With our smart and secure IoT platform you will receive automated, real-time visibility and control over all of your networked devices and services.

Rapid Product Development

Swensa with the rapid development model deploys working, custom software in 90 days or less. There by reducing time-to-market without sacrificing quality. Our senior engineers produce lean, stable code using all the best practices of a leading dev shop, all while placing real users first

Custom Application Development

We can design, build, implement and even support any new business critical custom software to suit your exact business requirements. Regardless of what industry or vertical your company is our software engineers will make sure it fits seamlessly with your existing technology platform.


NovusCenter platform will help improve operational functions in an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The platform will also enable to serve more advanced metering customers and deliver reliable and cost-effective energy services to improve quality of life for customers. NovusCenter can be easily extended to create secure and sustainable solutions to help customers save energy and cost.


Central manager for all field meter swapping activity providing the dispatcher and manager with a 360 degree view of the field operation for Utilities, Creating and assigning tasks, accessing customer information, managing jobs and technicians with real time mapping data, the portal provides an easy to use command console that can assign, track, manage and report on all project activities. UtiliTracker simplifies your entire service operation.

Resource Utilization

Swensa Resource Utilization solution provides an interactive view of employee time management. Companies leader can review employee productivity and realization information in real‐time by week, month or by year without running a single report.   With the ability to drill down to details, the Employee Utilization Dashboard allows for analysis of summary and detail‐level data without running and comparing multiple reports.  

Employee Portal

Swensa Employee Portal consolidates your HR records online and automatically synchronizes your employee data across multiple key systems—including payroll, benefits, and time off. The result is a dramatic reduction in administrative cost and empowering employees. Managing employee records can be a tedious process of updating, uploading, and filing away without a solution like ours. Our solution includes complete service portal for employees.
Meter Swap and Read Monitoring

Utility companies propose that from a consumer perspective, smart metering offers potential benefits to householders. These benefits include, a) an end to estimated bills, which are a major source of complaints for many customers b) a tool to help consumers better manage their energy purchases - stating that smart meters with a display outside their homes could provide up-to-date information on water, gas and electricity consumption and in doing so help people to manage their energy use and reduce their energy bills.    --  Download full report

Water Leak Detection

There are various causes of leaks to utility water systems. The leaks can be caused by natural or man-made events or by equipment failures. Utilities need to locate these leaks as quickly as possible before they cause a lot of damage. Our currently operational systems are providing real time alerts of any such leaks – and a peace of mind for both utilities and cities.   --  Download full report

Gas Leak Detection

Gas detectors are used in applications such as gas turbines, building and construction, health care, food and beverages, water treatment, oil and gas refineries, chemical plants, underground gas storage.   --  Download full report

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